Monday, March 23, 2009

Task 2

Computers vs Human Brains

Computers cannot be compared to human brains. The brain is the most complex object which given by God and computer is a modern thing that created by human brains. I think this is foolish to compare computers to human brains. Computers only help people to save their data, organize it and do more. In his article Can a Computer Be Conscious?, an author Steven Pinker stated, "it has been estimated that the information-processing capacity of even the most powerful supercomputer is equal to the nervous system of a snail- a tiny fraction of the power available to the supercomputer inside the human skull"(64). Even the most powerful computer cannot be able to receive any information like a human brain does. Computers have no brain control, the mathematical equations, emotions and thoughts like human brains. Because the processing in a human brain and a computer are different. Pinker also said that computers find it easy to remember a 25-digit number but find it hard to summarize the gist of [children's story] 'Little Red Riding Hood', and humans find it hard to remember the number but easy to summarize the story(64). From those statements above, I think much better to call computers were made and designed to help people.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Task 1

Topic: Sushi

Topic Sentences:
1. The History of Sushi
2. Many kinds of Sushi
3. How To Make Sushi

How To Make Sushi

Sushi is a traditional Japanese food. It looks so easy to make it yourself at home. But to make sushi does not as easy as you think. First, prepare the main ingredients, fish and rice. But ensure that the fish needs to be fresh and the rice needs to be sticky. Other ingredients are vinegar, salt and sugar. First of all, boil the rice in an equal amount of water and cooking it in very low heat temperature until the water evaporated. After that, put the rice in a bowl and slowly add the vinegar seasoning, a spoon of salt and sugar on it and mix them with wooden spoon. Let the seasoned rice cool down and cover it up with a damp cloth to ensure that it does not dry out. But never put it on refrigerator because it will make you hard to work on it and eat it as well. While waiting for the rice, slice the salmon into 3 or 5 pieces. When the rice is already cool down, make it into a small ball. Then, put the slice of salmon in the small ball of sushi rice. Salmon sushi or Nigiri sushi is ready. Chop your sticks and dip the sushi into soy sauce and wasabi. Try to eat the whole piece at time. Enjoy salmon sushi with white wine together.